XCI-783 Launch Review Feedback

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XCI-783 Launch Review Feedback

Please post feedback and replies to this comment.

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The Jira activity plan seems to include a bunch of documentation deliverables (maybe copied in from the defaults?) that I'm not sure are really needed for this. The reason I say that is because it also says the change should be transparent to users and shouldn't require any documentation changes. If that's the case, and it isn't an XSEDE project, it probably doesn't need the engineering docs, either? Unless they contain details about how CILogon on hosted that need to be updated?

I'm available to pass along any info to the Globus team regarding the CILogon change. Will the Globus team need to change anything in Globus's configuration as a result of this rehosting? Will there be any noticable downtime?

Hi Lee. Thanks for the review.

I'm confused by your comment about the documentation deliverables. We need an updated design doc as input to the design review. We need a test plan (maybe unchanged from the last CILogon update, I'm not sure yet...) as input to test readiness review, and we need an updated deployment plan prior to acceptance of this change by operations. There are no user docs in the list of deliverables.

The change will likely include downtime, for the migration of the CILogon user database to Amazon RDS. Globus will not need to change any configuration, though it would be helpful if Globus could migrate to CILogon's OAuth2/OIDC endpoint so we can retire CILogon's old OAuth1 endpoint prior to our migration to AWS. I'd also appreciate input from Globus during the design review regarding requirements for high availability, since moving CILogon servers from NCSA/NICS to AWS will change the availability profile for this service.


(1) Will this migration require updates to the CPSs and an operational review by TAGPMA for accredited CILogon CAs?

(2) Will the AWS security controls, service configurations and settings be documented and made available for review?

Hi Derek,

(1) Yes, the CILogon team will do that.

(2) Yes, I'll put that in the XCI-783 design doc for the review. I think it will be really valuable to get input on it.


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