Low priority - Access to MY ACCOUNT feature

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Low priority - Access to MY ACCOUNT feature

When logged in, the MY ACCOUNT feature appears as a menu item under the LOG OUT heading in the main menu. This isn't intuitive. I wouldn't think to look under LOG OUT for the MY ACCOUNT feature. (As it is, it look like it means "LOG OUT of MY ACCOUNT." And begs the question of what ELSE you might be able to log out of...) I'd expect it to either be its own button that appears somewhere on the navigation bar (top of page) when I'm logged in, or maybe an entry in a new menu category ACCOUNT or MY ACCOUNT that appears only when I login.

I recommend changing the main menu as follows.

1) Rename LOGOUT in the top-level main menu to MY ACCOUNT (or just ACCOUNT).

2) Make the MY ACCOUNT menu have two sub-items: SETTINGS (or PROFILE?) and LOGOUT if the user is logged in. Clicking either MY ACCOUNT itself (top-level) or SETTINGS would take the user to the /user page.

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Thanks Lee. Since we don't allow regular users to edit their own accounts right now, I just removed the "My Account" navigation item. If we decide to allow this in the future, then I think it makes sense to make "My Account" the top level navigation item and have "Log out" as a sub-item like you suggested.

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