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Test plan feedback

In Test 7.2, there is a note that says "The InCommon IGTF CA is accepted by infopub and infopub-alt, but not in the ca_certs.pem file distributed with ipf-xsede.  If your certificate is signed by this CA, you should do ..."

Is there are a reason the InCommon IGTF CA is not already included in the ca_certs.pem file?  I think most SPs have IGTF host certs now.


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Good point.  I've added a JIRA subtask for myself to update the ca_certs.pem file that IPF uses.



I will also fix this in the test plan

OK, I've cut a new RC (1.4-rc2) that includes a couple of fixes, and an up to date ca_certs.pem.  I've also made some (relatively minor) edits to the Test Plan.

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