Vendor Software and Services

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Common Name Standard Name Vendorsort descending Vendor Software URL
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon
Amazon Elastic Container Registry Amazon
AWS Marketplace Amazon
Amber org.ambermd.amber Amber community
Subversion org.apache.subversion Apache Software Foundation
JIRA com.atlassian.jira Atlassian
Confluence com.atlassian.confluence Atlassian
Request Tracker (RT) com.bestpractical.rt Best Practical
Open XDMod CCR at Univ. of Buffalo
ATutor io.github.atutor Community
Cornell Virtual Workshop edu.cornell.cac.cvw Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing
Docker Hub com.docker.hub Docker Inc
Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) com.duo DUO
Gaussian 16 com.gaussian.gaussian16 Gaussian Inc.
Cosserat Rods | Elastica Gazzola Lab
GitHub development platform com.github GitHub Inc.
Globus Auth org.globus.auth Globus
Globus Connect org.globus.connect Globus
Globus Transfer org.globus.transfer Globus
Globus Toolkit org.globus.toolkit Globus