Vendor Software and Services

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Common Namesort descending Standard Name Vendor Vendor Software URL
Singularity Container Platform
Singularity Container Registry org.singularity-hub Singularity Hub Collaborators
Subversion org.apache.subversion Apache Software Foundation
UberFTP edu.ncsa.uberftp NCSA
UIUC Research Information Technology (IT) Portal edu.illinois.researchit University of Illinois Technology Services
UNICORE Basic Execution Service (BES) eu.unicore.bes UNICORE Forum
UNICORE Registry eu.unicore.registry UNICORE Forum
UNICORE Target System Interface (TSI) eu.unicore.tsi UNICORE Forum
Uniform Interface to Computing Resources (UNICORE) eu.unicore UNICORE Forum
XCI Software Usage Metrics Collection Service org.xsede.xci-metrics XSEDE
XCRI Cluster Monitoring Toolkit org.xsede.clustermonitoring XSEDE
XCRI Virtual Cluster org.xsede.virtual-cluster XSEDE
XSEDE Allocation Usage Lookup (xdusage) org.xsede.xdusage XSEDE
XSEDE CA Certificate Installer org.xsede.cainstaller XSEDE
XSEDE Central Database (XCDB) org.xsede.xcdb XSEDE
XSEDE Common User Environment (CUE) org.xsede.cue XSEDE
XSEDE Data Transfer Logging XSEDE
XSEDE Gateway Submit Attributes org.xsede.gateway-usage-reporting XSEDE
XSEDE Information CLI (xdinfo) org.xsede.xdinfo XSEDE
XSEDE National Integration Toolkit (XNIT) org.xsede.xnit XSEDE