Grid Community Toolkit GSI-OpenSSH with HPN support packages available

The Grid Community Toolkit has released new GSI-OpenSSH packages with High Performance SSH/SCP (HPN) patches in EPEL 7 and EPEL 8.  HPN patches improve remote file copy performance for scp.  Our XSEDE GCT GSI-SSH documentation has been updated to reflect the new GCT GSI-SSH release at https://software.xsede.org/production/gsi-openssh-server-xsede/INSTALL.

GCT GSI-OpenSSH includes HPN starting with these versions:

XSEDE response to the Globus Toolkit end-of-support announcement

The Globus team at the University of Chicago stopped development of the Globus Toolkit at the end of 2017 and plans to stop providing security patches by the end of 2018 [1].   XSEDE uses Globus Toolkit components in day-to-day operations.  Note, the Globus announcement does not affect XSEDE’s use of Globus file transfer and sharing cloud service (SaaS), Globus Auth identity and access management service, or the Globus Connect products.

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