XSEDE provides the Open Science Grid access to CILogon Certificate Authority services

XSEDE starts providing the Open Science Grid (OSG) a dedicated IGTF-accredited CILogon CA instance providing the OSG community with digital certificates. OSG members can use CILogon, via the OSG PKI Certificate Request & Management System, to issue both end user and host/service certificates to secure their infrastructure.

Improved XSEDE batch job prediction service (Karnak) is now available

The Karnak Service predicts how quickly batch jobs will start on XSEDE resources.

An enhanced Karnak service (version 2) is now available which improves predictions and can now group resources into fast, medium, and slow or other categories. Users that run many jobs should achieve better throughput by submitting them to multiple resources in the desired category.

More information is available on the XSEDE Karnak home page.

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