Enhanced User Profile and Allocation Membership Security

Dec 4, 2019

An XSEDE User Profile contains important information that the user maintains about themselves, including e-mail address, postal address, and phone number(s). If you are enrolled in XSEDE DUO for two-factor authentication "TFA", you will notice that in order to modify your XSEDE User Profile you will now have to authenticate with XSEDE DUO. Similarly, PIs and allocation managers enrolled in TFA will now have to authenticate with XSEDE DUO to add or remove users from their project.

We encourage users and PIs who are not currently enrolled in XSEDE DUO to do so to take advantage of this additional security for their XSEDE User Profile data and XSEDE project allocations. To enroll in XSEDE DUO, sign in to the XSEDE User Portal, navigate to 'My XSEDE -> Profile', and select the Enroll link under the DUO logo at the upper-right of the page.