Grid Community Toolkit GSI-OpenSSH with HPN support packages available

Jan 5, 2021

The Grid Community Toolkit has released new GSI-OpenSSH packages with High Performance SSH/SCP (HPN) patches in EPEL 7 and EPEL 8.  HPN patches improve remote file copy performance for scp.  Our XSEDE GCT GSI-SSH documentation has been updated to reflect the new GCT GSI-SSH release at

GCT GSI-OpenSSH includes HPN starting with these versions:

  • "gsi-openssh-7.4p1-6" (EPEL 7, details on [1])
  • "gsi-openssh-8.0p1-5" (EPEL 8, details on [2])



GCT is also working on making GSI-OpenSSH w/HPN available for Fedora.

GSI-OpenSSH packages for SUSE also contain the HPN patch(es) beginning with SLES 15 (SP1) and OpenSUSE Leap 15.1. Instructions for the installation of these can be found on [3].