Grid Community Toolkit packages now available

Sep 14, 2020

The Globus project stopped maintaining the Globus Toolkit “GT” at the end of 2018. The Grid Community Forum ( forked the GT source to create the Grid Community Toolkit “GCT” ( which is maintained by the research community. Some XSEDE Service Providers "SPs" have already transitioned from GT to GCT software.

To ensure that XSEDE continues to use secure and maintained GridFTP servers, GSI OpenSSH servers, and their respective client tools, the XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration "XCI" team is delivering to XSEDE SPs new installation instructions for GCT based GridFTP, GSI OpenSSH, and GCT client tools that:

a) Recommend replacing existing GT software with GCT software from EPEL
b) Include XSEDE specific instructions, such as how to register GridFTP and GSI OpenSSH endpoints
c) Recommend that SPs that need custom patches (such as HPN or iSSHD for GSI OpenSSH) patch GCT source and build binaries on their own
d) Include instructions on how to install the last GT version distributed by XSEDE which will be supported through the end of 2020

The GCT GridFTP, GSI OpenSSH, and client tools are compatible and interoperable with existing GT software, and the Globus Transfer service. We recommend that XSEDE SPs currently using GT software install the new GCT software and conduct their own testing by the end of the 2020 so that production services can be transitioned to GCT software by early 2021. Links to installation instructions appear in Related Components below.

If XSEDE SPs or users encounter issues with GCT software, XSEDE will continue to provide support and work with the GCT community to resolve them.

Looking forward to newer OAuth based security and services, the XCI team is also preparing new OpenSSH and Globus Connect Server v 5.4+ components that we expect to release by the first half of 2021. These new components will provide a long term path forward for login and data transfer services based on the OpenID Connect and OAuth web security standards.

-- XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration Team