Initial round of component usage tracking

Jul 16, 2018

The XCI team has established a new internal repository to gather and retain long-term XSEDE integrated software usage data. This data will be used in ROI analysis and to improve XSEDE's software integration and support decisions.

During PY7 we started automatically collect usage information for an initial set of XSEDE components:

  • XSEDE's single sign-on hub (
  • The Information Publishing Framework (IPF) tool used by service providers to publish dynamic resource information
  • SP published local software information (uses IPF)
  • SP published batch queue configurations (uses IPF)
  • SP published queued batch jobs (uses IPF)

In PY8 and beyond we will gather usage information for additional components and improve the set of available component usage reports.

XCI is also offering community software and service providers assistance in instrumenting and tracking the long term use of their components.