New capabilities coming in PY8

Oct 15, 2018

The following new capabilities are in progress and should become available during Program Year 8 (September 2018 thru October 2019):

To enhance XSEDE's infrastructure transparency and to provide traceability from user needs to delivered software and serviced:

  • The Community Software Repository (CSR) web storefront is being redesigned to make it easier for software operators/integrators, developers, and users to document, share, and discover the requirements driving new software based capabilities, to discover operational software on HPC resources and science gateways, and to discover software that could be deployed on HPC and campus resources to expand the capabilities they provide.
  • A significant new Use Case discovery capability will enable users, developers, and operators to share and discovery the status of XSEDE supported use cases including: which components enable each use cases, how support for use cases is being enhanced, and to discover what aspects of a use case are not supported.

To enhance XSEDE's security capabilities:

  • Many XSEDE web services will implement XSEDE Web Single Sign-on giving users and staff the ability to access multiple XSEDE web sites by authenticating only once.

  • We will continue to expand use of two factor authentication to protect access to critical information and services.

  • We will adopt international standards for federated identity assurance from REFEDS for greater interoperability.

To enhance XSEDE's information and discovery capabilities:

  • Service providers will be able to automatically publish their hardware accelerator (GPU) characteristics.

  • Service providers will be able to publish software available from communities thru Community Software Areas (CSA), and to point users of CSA software to the appropriate support organization.

  • Science Gateways will be able to publish information about the software they integrate for XSEDE users to discover.

To enhance XSEDE's data, execution, and login capabilities:

  • We will continue to roll out the ability for L3/campus HPC resources to use XSEDE's SSO hub for local login via new "login enabling" XRAS allocations.

  • We will introduce SSH with OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication for login to XSEDE SP resources.

  • We will introduce the ability to run Kepler workflows across selected XSEDE SP resources.

To enhance capabilities available to campus cyberinfrastructure providers:

  • We will develop a science gateway deployment toolkit that will facilitate the ease of setting up a campus gateway or a gateway on virtual resources such as Jetstream

  • We will develop a toolkit that provides a way to configure a partition on a campus cluster with the capability of bursting to a Jetstream virtual cluster

  • We will develop a toolkit that defines minimal hardware and provides implementation scripts for a campus OpenStack research cloud

-- From the XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration (XCI) team