New Software and Digital Services Registration Interface available to friendly users

Sep 29, 2020

The Research Software Portal enables researchers, developers, educators, and students to discover research enhancing software and digital services from a search interface.  The interface searches software and digital services from a centralized information services, which receives data programmatically from multiple local repositories provided by XSEDE itself, by XSEDE Service Providers, and by other community members.  

XSEDE now enables individuals or organizations to manually publish their own software or digital services so that it is discoverable via the Research Software Portal using a new Software and Digital Services Registration Interface.  The initial friendly user release of this interface is available to select science gateways, XSEDE service providers, software partners, and to XSEDE Operations.  Those interested in testing this capability and willing to provide feedback on how to improve it can contact and request "Research Software Portal Manual Software Registration access".