XSEDE Improves Software Sharing on Allocated Resources

Jan 22, 2021

XSEDE has improved the ability for science gateways and other research software providers and integrators to install, advertise, share, and support their own software on XSEDE resources using a feature called Community Software Areas or "CSAs".

Recently released improvements to the CSA feature include:

  • Enabling resource operators to opt-in to the CSA feature, and to document important details to potential CSA software owners
  • Enable potential CSA software owners to discover which XSEDE resources offer CSAs
  • Enable CSA software owners to advertise their software (modules), including how users can get software support
  • Enable XSEDE users to discover all software, whether provided by CSA software owners or resource operators, through a single software discovery interface

For more details see XSEDE ecosystem software documentation.