XSEDE Releases Service Provider Software for CentOS 8

Sep 9, 2020

XSEDE provides Service Providers "SPs" the software that integrates resources into the XSEDE federation. To address evolving SP needs XSEDE has added a new CentOS 8 RPM/YUM repository to the list of distributions it now supports:

CentOS 7 X86_64 & i386
CentOS 8 X86_64
Redhat 7Server X86_64
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 X86_64


More detailed information on XSEDE's current and legacy software repositories is available here.

To install software from XSEDE repositories follow these instructions.

The software distributed in XSEDE's repositories includes:


Please direct questions, comments, or support requests on XSEDE software and repositories to help@xsede.org.

-- XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration "XCI" Team