XSEDE Supports International Federated Identity Assurance Standards

Nov 19, 2018

XSEDE was one of the InCommon members that participated in an international interoperability pilot for new federated identity assurance standards from the Research and Education FEDerations (​REFEDS​) group. These standards enable XSEDE to access higher assurance cyberinfrastructure via the InCommon federation. The pilot tested use of these standards between XSEDE and other federated services in the US and Europe.

XSEDE’s InCommon identity provider now asserts ​https://refeds.org/profile/mfa and https://refeds.org/assurance values for XSEDE users when logging in to services via InCommon. XSEDE’s ​CILogon service uses these values when issuing X.509 certificates and OpenID Connect tokens.

More information is available at https://wiki.refeds.org/display/GROUPS/RAF+pilot+final+report.