TACC Wrangler, Software and Services* Status


Software and Services review summary:

  • Information Services: Wrangler in RDR with end date 1/30/2019
    participating in Information services software and services via IPF, Passed, See info.xsede.org
  • Common User Environment, module cue-login-env located but gives error when loaded; Reported to Niall on 3/5. Turned in XSEDE ticket 84487 for this wranger-tacc cue-login-env issue.  This was addressed on 3/6 and tested on 3/14/2018.  It was resolved.
    login1.wrangler(12)$ module load cue-login-env
    Lmod has detected the following error:  /opt/apps/xsede/modulefiles/cue-login-env: (cue-login-env):
    couldn't execute "tgwhereami": no such file or directory
    While processing the following module(s):
        Module fullname  Module Filename
        ---------------  ---------------
        cue-login-env    /opt/apps/xsede/modulefiles/cue-login-env
  • Participates in INCA (inca.xsede.org), Passed
  • Participates in AMIE, Passed, double-checked with XRAS team
  • Gridftp, Passed, version 6.0.15
  • GSISSHD, Passed, logged in from SSO hub login.xsede.org, gsi-openssh-7.5p1
  • Globus Toolkit, Passed, version 6.0
  • xdusage, passed, module load xdusage tested xdusage 
  • module, passed, tested “module avail”
  • xdresourceid, passed, module xdresourceid is available and tested