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Located in Champaign, IL, EpiWorks is a semiconductor technology company that spun out of the late Professor Greg Stillman's research lab at MNTL. Stillman founded the company in 1997 with two of his graduate students, David Ahmari (PhD EE 1998) and Quesnell Hartmann (PhD EE 1998), who had developed novel material deposition techniques and designs for high-performance III-V epitaxial devices.. EpiWorks, which is led by Ahmari and Hartmann, is developing the next generation of infrastructure for communications, data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) backbone. The company designs and manufactures III-V semiconductor wafers for RF applications such as smartphones and tablets and photonics applications such as data centers and mobile photonics. With expertise in both device design and crystal growth, EpiWorks’ engineers tailor a wafer's atomically thin layers for each customer's specific needs, thus optimizing device performance.

Affiliation: UIUC
Provider: EpiWorks
Type: Instrument