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Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB) Biocluster

Affiliation: UIUC

Provider: Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB)

Type: Research Computing

Description: Biocluster is the High Performance Computing (HPC) resource for the Carl R Wose Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Containing 2824 cores and over 27.7 TB of RAM, Biocluster has a mix of various RAM and CPU configurations on nodes to best serve the various computation needs of the IGB and the Bioinformatics community at UIUC. For storage, Biocluster has 700TB of storage on its GPFS filesystem for reliable high speed data transfers within the cluster. Networking in Biocluster is either 1 or 10 Gigibit ethernet depending on the class of node and its data transfer needs.

Quality Level: production