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Laser and Optical Spectroscopy Facility

Affiliation: UIUC

Provider: Materials Research Laboratory (MRL)

Type: Instrument

Description: The LSF provides access to a variety of lasers and instruments, it meets the scientific needs of about 20 research groups and trains about 40 new users per year. Laser wavelengths range from 300 nm in the ultraviolet to 20μm in the mid-infrared. Line widths as narrow as 15 kHz and pulses as short as 10-13s are available. he MRL-CMM Laser and Spectroscopy Facility (LSF) is part of the MRL Central Research Facilities, and as such, is a user-oriented and user-friendly facility that provides the modern photon-based analytical capabilities essential to today's materials science. The LSF emphasizes the study of optical properties of materials and interfaces, and its relation to microstructural and microchemical composition, phase transitions, crystalline, electronic and defect structure of materials, surfaces and interfaces. The LSF is a collaborative research center open to national and international researchers from universities, government laboratories and industry.

Quality Level: production