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Advanced Photography: Medium-Format Digital Cameras

Affiliation: UIUC


Type: Streaming Resource

Description: Over the last year or so, a new category of digital camera has appeared-the medium-format mirrorless camera. While medium format used to represent the pinnacle of digital image quality, over the years, technical breakthroughs have dramatically narrowed the quality gap between high-end SLRs and medium format. In this advanced photography course, Ben Long shares insights on what this new category is for, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this type of camera. He wraps up by analyzing who would benefit from making the switch to a medium-format camera. Throughout the course, Ben takes an agnostic approach to the subject, discussing the merits of the category rather than a particular model. Learn about medium-format lenses, noise and medium format, the medium-format look, and more.

Quality Level: production