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Bruker D8 Venture (DUO)

Affiliation: UIUC

Provider: School of Chemical Sciences (SCS)

Type: Instrument


This dual source system is equipped with a four-circle kappa-axis diffractometer and motorized Photon 100 CMOS detector capable of shutter-less data collection. This state-of-the-art multipurpose system used Cu or Mo radiation and is primarily used for variable temperature, single crystal experiments on samples with a minimum dimension of 0.01mm. The system is also available for absolute structure determination of organics, wide-angle, powder, film, and fiber x-ray diffraction experiments on samples ranging from minerals to macromolecules.

For additional information about the workings or status of this instrument, please contact any staff member.

Quality Level: production

Associations: 57244,57245,57246