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Android Development: Building Battery-Conscious Apps

Affiliation: UIUC


Type: Streaming Resource

Description: Battery life remains the bane of every Android user. Poorly written apps can contribute to battery drain and impact the user experience across the entire device. If your app is outed as a battery hog, that's a fast path to bad reviews—and a high uninstall rate. This course teaches developers how to build battery-friendly apps that are efficient without compromising on functionality or performance. Instructor Ravi Subramanian introduces common programming patterns that result in higher-than-normal battery usage and recommends new ways to write code to use resources more efficiently. He also shows how to use the JobScheduler API to perform deferred work and how to discover and diagnose battery consumption "hot spots" in apps with Battery Historian. Plus, learn how battery-saving features Doze mode and App Standby will affect the performance of your app.

Quality Level: production