Visualization Use Cases

These use cases describe the most common scientific data visualization methods. This is an evolving field of work, since the ability of desktop computers to visualize data is improving rapidly. But it is still common for researchers to need to visualize data at scales that exceed their local resources, requiring them to use high-performance and high-throughput computing resources to advance their work. Large-scale visualization resources must often be used remotely over a research network with the results shown on a local display.

Advanced visualization resources are designed, constructed, and operated by a service provider (SP) organization, such as the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) or University of Utah. A visualization resource may be used in one or more public research computing communities, such as XSEDE or Open Science Grid (OSG).


(6 use cases)
Use Case ID Title Use Case Description
VIS-01 Visualize research data using streaming video
VIS-02 Visualize research data using streaming geometry data
VIS-03 Generate visualization data for later viewing
VIS-04 Visualize and steer a simulation running on a remote resource
VIS-05 Visualize a simulation as it runs on a remote resource
VIS-06 Visualize research data using a web application